Friday, June 17, 2011

in a, in a room :)

nah, this entry will be..
emmm like a token for a good friend, 
or a 'kakak'
for sharing a nice,warming room during this short semester. 
oh, it should be a room mate then!
In a better word, an appreciation may be? :D

Here is the story.
Once upon a time, I met a girl. the comel one.hihi.
And she is actually two years and four months older than me, 
(so, now, see, how young I am.hahaha)
So I prefer to call her as 'kak' Nuzur. 
She has a nice name, and I love to call her name, her full name. 
that's how sometimes I teriak her name 
when she's done 'something' to me or surroundings, 
I mean, especially when..errr she bullied me!

We seem like had gone through quite lots of things together  in the last two semesters,
 I mean three semesters including this one (short semester). 
Ya, lots of things, 
that event, these incident, those moment, 
the cry things, the smile things, the secrets, 
the worrying, the gossips even I, myself not perfect
(anyway, sapa yang tak pernah gossiping, tell me.hahaha), 
we were argued, we do fight sometimes (eh ye ke? ye kot.hihi),
 we do have misunderstandings, 
we do have things that not satisfied each other, 
we do hurt each others' feelings 
but we are still friends! (tak gitu? :P )

So now, back to the topic, in a room. 
Well, we know, like my previous entry which 
there are always stories behind, in a room. 
At first, there are some complications in order to get a room, 
(she and I know what and how was it),
 but Alhamdulillah 
we got the nearest college to the faculty, (don't be jelous :P )
Okay, let me explain, 
it is a short semester, which it's only about 8 weeks.
So, lots of my stuff were in the store room, 
therefore we are sharing things. What are they?

eh. this one is not the things. these were our juadah berbuka puasa.

her kettle. with this, mi maggie sokmo la jawabnya.hahaha

her hangers. I have my own hangers, but mostly in the store room.

her pail. I do have mine,
the big one in the store, the small one in the room.
her sister's toto.
Double toto. comelll :D
Oh this one I like the most. Her toaster.
ROTI BAKARRRRR, nuymmmy!, excuse me, this is mine ok.hehehe

So, lastly, I would like to say, emm thank you to this 'kakak' for lenting me lots of things as, upon my difficulities (my far home town, things in the store.waaa sedih...bla-bla-bla). Thank you very much. :) 
Oh ya..a bunch of thanks to Maria too, she is a sweet girl kan! 
(yeay dapat kawan baru dari kedah ;) )
And...I would like to apologize on my mistakes, 
misbehavior  miscommunication, weaknesses and lots more that might hurts you. SORRY :(  
tell you a secret, 
when she is going back to her sister's house or to her hometown,
 this is what she always pesan to me,
 " jangan lupa makan tau.makan tau." haha. 
Don't you and she know that I am dieting :P :P :P

p/s : Well, you know, I am not kind of touching-touching person and good with ayat berbunga-bunga in writings, ya as usual, but I am trying okayyy ;)


huda zehra said...

rindu time ni...sory sis..bru gheti nk komen2 blog org len..motif sgt kan..hahahah...

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