Saturday, May 7, 2011

jum kacau dodol!

Okay, let me explain..I know its not Hari Raya yet,
I am actually clearing and cleansing my 'old' folders,
and guess what??? I found lots of pictures, old one..
so I decided to just upload and post it...(saje suke2)
lets take a look two years back, 
Aidilfitri in 2009...jeng..jeng..jeng

Its dodol pictures! Homemade dodol! nyummm3!

'Some' of the ingredients are;

Gula Melaka :)

Kelapa parut :)

'some' of the process are;

still be a 'white' dodol :)
emmm a swan may be?hahaha

 nah, the product!sweet nyummy dodol :)
and this one is, ugly duck?

Eh that easy?making a dodol?
These are not the fully process of making dodol as 
that were the only selected pictures I have.
Oh come on, admit it miss syeera!
 E.mmm ok-ok, actually I don't know the full recipes,
And that is the same reason why I use the word 'some'.
oh its okay, I will call my tokMak later to get the recipes.hihihi

Its my PakOde, Aunty,tokMak and abg kerol doing, 
the others?hehe konon-konon je (action lebih)
sebab tak larat nak kacau dodol lekit likat tu.hahaha 
Excuse me for the shaking, blurry pictures. 
Well, I don't own a DSLR mind you:)

p/s : the 'ugly duck' is sweet and tasty, the 'white swan' is tasteless and 'tak masak',
I hope I am the 'ugly duck' as by making people happy with the 'sweetness', I'm pretty sure that I'll be appear as a 'white swan' in their 'eyes' 0_0
eh, I don't mean the daging duck or swan, but the dodol's colour!
hahaha.semantik sangat! abstrak!


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