Sunday, May 8, 2011

kakyana! Birthday girl!

Hallu! This entry will be a birthday wish.
Its KakYana's birthday!
Let me introduce who is she...

She just finished her degree studies in accounting.
Yes. Future accountant :)

How do I know her?
We were stayed in the same college, same block, same level, 
and at last same room for one semester.
So, she was once my roommate.
We are roomates!

So when we shared the same room,
We were actually shared lots of things together.
We shared lappy charger, food, clothes, 
shawls, bags, her food rack and  exchanging stories.
Emmm I'm still remember how the Uncertainty Reduction Theory was actually applied to our  very first week together in the same room.
We don't really open with each other at first,
We just talk few things when are needed,
and you almost said that I am a pendiam
as time goes on,
we are in good terms, then you know how 'crazy' I am.

You brought me with your Lagenda Z something I think?
errkk, I will comfirm it later, I'm not really know about motorcycles.
I put the trust on you by riding me to Hentian Kajang, Teras Jernang, Pasar malam, Warta and around UKM. :)
Hey we were even went to KL  for a day, together with public transport!
plus during puasa day ok!hahaha

When I talked, she will hear me.
When she talked, I am definetely hear her
as she has much more experiences than I am.
That's the reason why I love to ask for her opinion on certain things.
But when I cried, she's there! Watching me crying...oh malu nya.
When she cried, I don't know what to do,
 but I know, she is crying.
Well I am not  good in coaxing people. (tak reti.huhu)

So here are my wishes for you,
Dear kakYana, 
I would like to wish you a very happy birthday!
You are becoming more kakak now as becoming more older.hihihi
I wish you to have a wonderful life, a healthy body, a happy heart 
and lots of sweet smiles along your days.
May Allah will always bless you :)
Cepat-cepat dapat kerja, then I can paww you.hehe
And I would like to thank you, yes you! by being a caring kakak,
makes me feel how good,nice and comfortable to have a kakak,
As you know,
I am a kakak, so I don't have a kakak
but now you are my kakak, is it ok?
(belit-belit tak?hahaha,haip,ikhlas ni.)

When you are decided to sit in the same table with me during the last college dinner,
its sooooo soooo cool!
Hey, I am just a junior,
 you suppose to sit with the other seniors or on the AJK's table,
but I know, you won't leave me,
as I am your sister! (haha.perasan suda)
Never mind, we did enjoy ourselves that night kan?
Taking lots of pictures, posed here and there,
eating the nyummy nasi, and again more pictures!

Oh, almost forgot to mention this, she is from Penang! 
Remember I was once felt in love with Penang,
so I will certainly go to Penang again, 
but that time of course I will attend her wedding perhaps? InsyaAlllah :)
hrmmmm..teringin nak makan pasemboq, jeruk buah pala lah, eh silap nasi minyak lah!

p/s : I don't have a birthday present, so this entry kira as your birthday present leh tak?hehehe


nur QhaSsEiH said...

so touching tau read ur new entry...make me cry once...

syeEra said...

hehe.dont be..thats the truth anyway..:)

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