Monday, November 8, 2010

falling in love with PENANG !

opppss, read the title again, not ' in Penang ' ya. hehehe
I don't feel want to talk why, how, we went to Penang, what and so forth,
but how beautiful the feeling that I have towards Penang is!

Oh how can I describe the feeling huh? Its just like I wanna to stay there, live there.
I don't know what are so special about Penang, I think JB much 'luas' and funky.
But then, I love Penang! Its so welcoming, just like homecoming. 
The feeling in the 'tanah of Penang' are quite warm, friendly, full of joy and calmness :)
I wonder why...emmm....nak kata sangkut kat mana-mana mamu, tak da pula, tak tau la cheq!

It was about 5.40am when I realised we are on the Penang Bridge for the first time, its still dark,
and I kept saying, eh ni jambatan Penang ka, aah lah jamabatan Penang la! 
hahahaha.macam orang jakun pun ada :P (of course la first time cheq mai masa dalam perut mama lagi kot)
Cheq bukan main excited nampak Penang Bridge, senyum lebar sepanjang bas bergerak atas itu jambatan. 
(yang ni waktu nak balik, tengah hari, so terang!)
Rasa berat hati juga lah nak tinggalkan Penang ,
 but I wont say good bye yet, cuz I will definetely come again later. yeah! 
When? Not sure holiday trip? Lawatan sambil belajar again? Master in USM? or honeymooning? we will see how k :)))


Itu dia! ~Penang Bridge~

lagi Penang Bridge

Taken from-on the 'bridge'

Sunday, November 7, 2010

attempt NO 3

Hallu. ya..ya..ya...its me!
Well this is my third blog I ever created.
Hopefully this one will last longer 
(not angan-angan tahi ayam lg)
I mean, like others, 
I will keep it activate, updating or at least open it!
This one, I will share with others, 
as the other one, 
I'll kept it as my online diary.
 nobody can read it! Just me :)
I hope  I can enhance my english by blogging.
Pardon me 
 on grammar mistakes etc,
 feel free to correct me anyway :)
Thats it for now.
Welcome to 'blogging' world ceya !!! (again.hahaha)