Friday, December 31, 2010


2011. The year that, I am going to be 21st. The year which I will ended my experiences in lecture hall, fighting over assignments, jogging around the stadium, chatting in 'chow kit road fssk', slimming myself by walking up,down the 'tangga batu caves' to faculty, hanging out with friends, merempit to pasar malam with kak yana, 'anyam ketupat' with coursemates (hahahaha) and lots more. Orang kata, if you want to list down your azam, be specific! okay, I'm trying :)

MY AZAM for 2011 ;
  • naik kan lagi my CGPA - go for the 1st degree perhaps!
  • berjimat-cermat! - both money and time
  • be more confident and braver + act as a pro
  • cipta nama as SYEERA GHANI broadly, excellently :D

not specific enough? well, I am just  not really like to share and reveal everything. Sorry! hahaha.hey,,,my azam seems like mudah and ringan, but they are not!
I meant it. I know lots of obstacles and things will be happen later, but I will not give up. Well, I have about 365 days to go! yeah, go syeera go! :)

p/s : I will love you even stronger my dear <3
(tetiba jew :P)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

be a 'big' girl :)

Hello...Oh, this blog almost be forgotten.
So sorry, but no I come!

My hectic life begins.
 Just hoping I will be a strong girl,
 even stronger than I can imagine. InsyaAllah :)

Lots of assignments, projects, activities, peoples and emotions.
Well, can't say much, but now I do realised,
'when you get older, you meet kinds of people',
 people with their own characters or perangai,
people that we call 'friends',
people with grey 'heart',
people that just being choosy, noisy, annoying!

Opppsss, terlebih sudah...:D
ok ok, I'm still cool. 
Anyway, I'm a big girl now,
I should learnt and know,
how life out there is!
That's the reality, people just think about themselves,
that's how they collect the benefits.
But now, 'it' is opened up my eyes,
it is one of the learning process!
so, moral of the story?
be selfish syeera!!! 
(thats what they taught me) :P

p/s : I'm trying to be one, so, watch OUT!