Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hi Facebookers ;)

Hallu. What a calming evening anyway.
Something happened when I have nothing to do,
okay okay okay, 
actually I have lots of thing to do, 
examination week is coming,
read out the notes, memorize the terms, bla...bla...bla..
but you know, those things, sometimes I need a break.
(not really sometimes, almost everytime.hihihi)
So, this is what actually happened,

Its like a riddle,
a question on whose eyes is that,
then as I am so well familiar with those eyes,
without any hesitation, 
and confidently I type his name,
it's FIZOW OMAR's eyes. the actor?you know?
Well, thanks to my ma, as she is really kind of fonded on this guy,
and might want to be her menantu kot.haha
Okay, that's too much syeera! (ya I know. :P )
She used to keep talking about him, so thats how I know him.

Well then, 
as I am the first and the fastest to answer with the correct one,
this is my reward,

Haha. It's just for fun anyway. 
And the other reward is,
suddenly lots of Facebookers,
or I should say, the members of the group are 
adding me to be their friends on the list,
but I need time to, either approve it or not, as,
you guys are strangers to me. Sorry.
Anyway, the page,
Lelaki Kacak, perempuan Cantik,
my friend entered the competition, 
and she asked me to click 'like' on her photo,
but you know, to like the photo, I have to like the page first,
and that's how I am in this group.
After supporting my friend,
I did not leave the group as
 I think it will be fun doing those riddles when I'm free kan? :)

p/s : can't wait to go home.ok tu je.huhu


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