Sunday, January 23, 2011

tea in the morning!

Good morning.
What a fresh air.

New day, New Hope!
Hoping, I won't ter-sleep by the noon nanti.
I will be more focus on finishing my work.
 (ok syeera, be specific!)

my full proposal for thesis, 
my editorial writing on penapisan filem
my slides for presentation of peranan isteri
my statistic homework (which I eager to do it!), 
my article for Nadi Bangi,
my terjemahan which I need to retype it.
Ok thats it! 
Oh one more, clean up my room!
And...I need to quench my tekak.

While making a cup of tea,
 I mean a jug of tea (which I always do),
I'm thinking of my work and my people.
Yes they!
 They who are "rela" to drink up my tea.
Where are they? No one in the room.
I was thinking of Kak Odd, Tasha, Kakyana, Ejat and 
of course my dearest love, him, 
which I will pack a bottle of tea for him.
 My handmade tea :)
 Really missing them :(
But now, I am sipping a cup of tea by myself...