Tuesday, February 15, 2011


hallu. g00d morning!
Well, just to share some few things.
This morning, I had a chance to chat with a 'new friend' from Facebook,
and suddenly, I spell the word 'election',
and he gave me an advice, 
'pilih calon yang boleh buat kerja, bukan politik'.

When I read the phrase few times, only then I realised, it is true!
Now, look, we have the right for what we want.
I mean, we PAY for the internet fees every semester,  
we PAY the water, electric bill...and college fees, which are quite expensive!
We do PAY eventhough sometimes the details are not there!
But yet, the money that we fork out should be 'berbaloi' on things we should get.

So now, there are few tips for future voters out there!
1. Do come on the election day.
2. Think wisely for your own good.
3. Vote smartly. (do not make any 'undi rosak')
4. Let your vote be your secret.

Please do not make any art design in your 'kertas undi', 
as it will be a waste to be 'undi rosak'. That is terrible!
Remember, every single vote is precious.

psssttt : all da best dearie! 


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