Friday, February 11, 2011

Broadcast - Production - Work!

Have you heard the name of Tic Toc Production? 
Well, now you have!

Tic Toc Production is  a production group belongs to
 my group members - functionally to produce a MCP production.

Now, what is MCP?
MCP stands for Multiple Camera Production.
 It means, more than one camera are needed to shoot and produce a  MCP TV programmes.
 The more prestige the event, the more camera are used.
 For example, my lecturer told me,
 Anugerah Juara Lagu need more than 12 cameras
 just to produce shots for us, as TV viewers.

Why do Tic Toc Production and those MCP stuff exist? 
As media communication students,
 to apply the rule, theory and lecture notes  practically, 
we were asked to produce a 30 minutes show by using 3 cameras in a studio. 
Well, in short,
 it is one of our assignment that carry 30% marks!

This morning I had a chance to see how MCP works. 
Crew Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI)  were broadcasted  live
 from Dataran Panggung Seni UKM.
My senior, kak Tasha just told me she watched me in TV, 
 the cameraman shoot my face 
for few seconds as I am one of the crowd.
I am having a really wonderful experience watching 
the crew working, the Producer, Cameraman, 
Audioman and Floor Manager (FM) specially.
See how they handle the situation, people, their stuff, 
and of course the camera! 
if not mistaken they used about 4-5 camera including handheld.

Broadcasting is a really exciting field, which I been looking forward for.
I snapped lots of pictures of MHI crew and their working.
Well, I had a chance to snap few pictures too 
with Wardina Saffiyah, 
Ahmad Fedtri Yahya, MZul and Safee Sali !
I will share those pictures later ya!


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