Wednesday, June 20, 2012

quick one.

Wow. The new look of blogspot was really make me awkward.
By the way, first time, of everything, it is normal though.

Lots had happened.
Done my degree studies, waiting for convocation day, still looking for a related or promising job, working as well as get to know more people, mingle with kinds of people, and now I have a new group of friends, supporting one. Even our friendship still new.

Another story,
I am so happy to be at home.
My family is my everything now.
We are facing some problems and I know,
they need me, and I need them.
We should stick together to go through this. We would.

And now, I'm hurt. Deeply.
Wonder how it goes.
Allah knows better.
Hoping for the best. InsyaAllah..

p/s - as usual, it's quite implicit, people who understands me, will get to see it.


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