Wednesday, April 20, 2011

'TTMM' What is that?

-it is a wonderful morning everyone!
look out your windows,
what a fresh air, birds are chirping,
the insects are flying,
and hey! it's raining..Alhamdulillah :)

and I am, ready to start the 'engine',
engine of revising. mode : activated.
It is going to be my fourth paper for this semester's examination,
which is tomorrow! It was called, Terjemahan Teks Media Massa - TTMM.

Well, basically this subject is about translating media text,
the media text are including,
reports in newspapers, advertisement in magazines,
tour guide and brochures, movie's subtitles and lot's more. 
First of all, of course you have to translate the text from
the 'source language' to the 'targeted language',
which in this class we actually translating English to Malay, or the other way round.
(as those are the only languages generally are well mastered by all of us, in the class)

There are few techniques and procedures has been taught by
Pn. Intan, a sweet sempoi lecturer, in class ;

1. Borrowing translation,
 - pinjam/use the 'term' in targetted language.
- example;
  source language    : specific 
  targeted language : spesifik. 

2. Loan translation / calque, 
- keep the structure/arrangement of words. 
- example;
  source language    : Prime Minister 
  targeted language : Perdana Menteri

3. Literal translation,
- translate word by word in a sentense.

4. Transposition translation
- the structure of sentence are changed, but the meaning are still same.
- example;
  source language   : They tried to calm me as I am freaking and nervous to see the man.
 targeted language : Oleh sebab saya takut untuk bertemu dengan lelaki itu, merekalah yang telah   menenangkan saya.

5. Modulation
- change the word used, or add on few words as the sentence/word is having a hidden meaning/ double meaning (semantics)

6. Equivalance
- the same or almost the same of perumapamaan.

7. Adaptation
- the translation is depends on the culture of society.

Ok, this is roughly what I am going to revise today.
Thats it for now. Got to go!
will edit this post later ya!
All the best for those who are taking their papers today :)


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