Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a small dedication :)

I wonder why...
my feeling is at quake...
I just come back from cafe, 
yes, IBU ZAIN Cafe which I detest the most during my very first semester first year
but now, I am kind of falling in love with it,
the menu, slowly now I loving the food served. (certain food indeed.hehe),
the warmness of abang-abang cafe, the usikan, the smiles.
I feel sayu after met and had a short talk with few seniors in IBU ZAIN within this 25 minutes.

7.12pm - cafe counter 
As usual I am berat mulut to start a conversation, so he starts it.
Bila balik?Habis exam dah?barang-barang?bla..bla..bla...
and he is going back to his hometown this saturday, which is a good thing for him to see his family there.
Back to the past? Ok, this is how I knew this senior :)
A guy, sporty one. But I only new, he is one of the athlete after had a talk with my friend few weeks later.
A Sabahan guy I met in a bus, IBU ZAIN night bus to PTSL. We had a senior-junior talk along the way back to IBU ZIAN in a bus. We sat in same row but on different column of the seat, 
He  : IBU ZAIN jugak ke? tak pernah nampak pun?
Me : (sentap I!) Yup. IBU ZAIN jugak ke? tak kenal pun?
He  : Mesti tak aktif kolej ni...
Me : (sentap lagi! padahal rasa time first year tu la I active giler, may be tak seaktif dia :P) eh aktif gak la :)
I was innocently ask him this, 
TITAS susah tak ek? ABC ke?
He explained to me how the form of questions and he give a tip which I tak sempat to follow, that is read past year questions. Well,he is a good senior I guess :)
Anyway, sempat jugak dia selitkan pasal politik sikit time tu.Opss!

7.32pm - toilet level 4
While going in to the toilet hall, I saw a sweet face doing her cleaning. I poked her waist and said,
Me  : lama tak nampak kan
She : (angguk) habis dah exam? (she is talking + brushing her white teeth)
Me  : lum lagi,esok last...(gegas masuk toilet)
When I'm out of the toilet, she's gone. Missed the chance to talk longer as we are really busy to lepaking. Or may be I am the one who are really busy.huhu

She is a sweet girl with a comel character. This kakak really active in college, activities, sports and games, and talkative too.hehe
She is friendly and just so friendly. I lived in the same block with her. She has a strong character. I like to usik-usik, tease her as she is not the annoying type of person. Not so much things we do together, just few things regarding the block, as she was ketua keceriaan dan kebersihan blok.hehe Her name just like my younger sister's name, so its quite pelik calling 'Qilah' as 'Kak Qilah' :)

Now I know why, because I am leaving IBUZAIN as well this semester. Hello HUSSEIN ONN! I am coming :)

p/s: This is the reason why I am not so close to them and others, because I am so afraid of perpisahan. Seriously. I can't handle the separation, the more close I am to some one, the more hurt I am.
I found zero picture taken together with them in my folder,
but still the little sweet memory will always in my heart:)


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