Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Back to the track, of blogspot. ^^

it's been a long long time since the last post published.
Lots of things happened this semester 
and hey, you know what? 
This is actually the last week of 'kuliah week',
before the 'study week' and of course the 'examination week'.
I should say, how time flies right?

Well, as this is the last semester before I am going to 'latihan industri', 
so am kind of busy with commitments, responsibilities, 
duties, assignments (of course) and many more!

So here are some recaps on what am I doing  for this semester, 
well, read it if you want, as this post is just like a diary for me. 
and if you don't, then lets skip to other post.hehe

There are 14 weeks all together in a semester.
So, lets make it in a nice chronology.

Week 1.
I am staying in a new college. Kolej Tun Hussein Onn.
Well ya, not so new, 
but still considered as new, (belit-belit tak?haha)
as with the new 'akak-akak office', 
'new' friends, 'new' cafe and 'new' roomate.
Well, everything is not so new. 
As if my heart is been so close to this college before, perhaps.
My new roomate is not a stranger. I got to know her before.
But now, we might not so close, 
but sometimes we do share lots of thing together. 
Later, I will explain more about her ;)

Week 2. 
Emmm....can I do the details tommorow?
Promise! I have to do something important right now.
I will share my experience as Controller of Radio MIDAS, my group won the PSA's contest organised by Primework Studios, had a wonderful tiring shooting in a scary mysterious house, mystery of a cat in my room,  browny as a birthday give, a surprise birthday ice cream from coursemates, outing with 19 people till 5 in the morning,
 a ask to get engage and more stories.

So, which part are you eager to read about?hehe
See you soon bloggers. 
(konon ramai peminat ke makcik!.haha)

p/s - this is just about myself, things around me and I do appreciate  it. 
Alhamdulillah :)


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