Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An intro of MENTAL health :)

Ok. Today's lesson is about mental health. 
Did you know that everybody can have mental problem? 
yes you! you as a student, lecturer, housewife, basketballer, lorry driver, or even an an engineer!

I'm just came back from my very first class in this short semester- Mental Health.
It is an interesting class, the issues and the lecturer itself are really interesting! thumbs up*
Well, I hope I won't regret by taking this class and will bertahan till the end - the final exam!yeah! 

Ok,back to our business, ---> what is mental health?
According to my lecturer who was studied his Phd in University of Bristol, UK,
these are what mental health roughly all about,
mood disorder, maniac, unpredictable, depressed, phobia, tidaksiuman, and axienty.
Basically,having mental problem is not like we think - GILA aka giler or insane.Its not. If you are not GILA pun you can having this mental health problem.

There are six commom myth or MITOS about people with mental problem;
1. Orang sakit mental won't be normal
2. Orang sakit mental cannot be predict
3. Orang sakit mental are dangerous and violent
4. Orang sakit mental who lives in hospital will be worsen as he/she mingle with others who are sakit mental as well.
5. Psychiatry treatment will just damaged the brain as they will act as a robot.
6. If you can talk normally and are not lost your memory, you are normal?

I will add up the facts or FAKTA on these myth later ya!
(after I get my fully notes in SPIN)

So by now, please put aside our prejudis, stereotypes and stigmas on - that having mental health problem is totally negative thing and look down upon the patients as well as their family. Remember, we just might be having the mental problem as well! 

p/s : well, by writting this entry, I am actually revising what has been lectured last evening. Good Girl ceya! :)

this is the problem lies in our society - the mind set, stigma and so prejudis.huh
taken from uncle google.tq!


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